Learning to Glow

Treating and Healing Eczema

January 19, 2023 Jess Season 1 Episode 1
Learning to Glow
Treating and Healing Eczema
Show Notes

In our first episode we explore my personal experience with eczema in our family. How getting to the root cause took time to discover and was the answer to the problem. We talk topical skin conditions like eczema and things to avoid and things to incorporate. We also touch on: 

  • Gut Health
  • Allergy testing
  • Elimination diet
  • Topical irritants to avoid

If you are someone you know is suffering with eczema or another skin condition, this is the episode for you. Whether you need tips on how to deal with it or want to try and troubleshoot what is going on. 

Resources we talked about:

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